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Lecture plan

We intend to cover most of chapters 13 to 18 of the textbook. The details of the lecture plan are subject to change. We expect you to read the material ahead of each lecture.

1W Aug 2313.1, 13.2. Vectors
F Aug 2513.3. Dot product
2M Aug 2813.4. Cross product
W Aug 3013.5. Planes in 3-space
F Sep 0113.6, 13.7. Quadric surfaces, cylindrical and spherical coordinates
3M Sep 04Labor Day
W Sep 0614.1. Vector-valued functions
F Sep 0814.2. Calculus of vector-valued functions
4M Sep 1114.3. Arc length and speed
W Sep 1315.1. Functions of several variables
F Sep 1515.2. Limits and continuity
5M Sep 1815.3. Partial derivatives
W Sep 2015.4. Differentiability and tangent planes
F Sep 2215.5. Gradient and directional derivatives
6M Sep 2515.6. Chain rule
W Sep 2715.7. Optimization in several variables
F Sep 2915.7. Optimization in several variables
7M Oct 02Review
T Oct 03First prelim exam
W Oct 0415.8. Lagrange multipliers
F Oct 0616.1. Integration in two variables
8M Oct 09Fall Break
W Oct 1116.2. Double integrals over more general regions
F Oct 1316.3. Triple integrals
9M Oct 1616.4. Integration in polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates
W Oct 1816.5. Applications of multiple integrals
F Oct 2017.1. Vector fields
10M Oct 2317.2. Line integrals
W Oct 2517.3. Conservative vector fields
F Oct 2717.4. Parametrized surfaces and surface integrals
11M Oct 3017.5. Surface integrals of vector fields
W Nov 01Catch-up and chapter review
F Nov 0318.1. Green's theorem
12M Nov 06Review
T Nov 07Second prelim exam
W Nov 0818.1. Green's theorem
F Nov 1018.1. Green's theorem
13M Nov 1318.2. Stokes' theorem
W Nov 1518.2. Stokes' theorem
F Nov 1718.2. Stokes' theorem
14M Nov 2018.3. Divergence theorem
W Nov 22Thanksgiving Break
F Nov 24Thanksgiving Break
15M Nov 2718.3. Divergence theorem
W Nov 2918.3. Divergence theorem
F Dec 01Review
T Dec 12Final exam