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Please check out the exam page for exam locations and conflict/extended time exams.


Practice final exams posted on exam page.


Prelim 2 statistics posted on exam page.


Prelim 2 solutions posted on exam page.


Solutions for prelim 2 practice problems posted on the exam page.



Room assignments for prelim 2 have been posted. Homework page has been updated.


Homework for section 17.4 has been postponed to next week.


Prelim 2 instructions have been posted on the exam page. Room assignments TBA.


The Department of Mathematics sponsors the annual Cornell Mathematical Contest in Modeling. The first practice and training session will be held on Thursday 26 October, followed by the second session on Thursday 2 November. The contest itself starts Friday 10 November.


You are invited to a reception for undergraduates on Monday 23 October at 04:00 pm in the 5th floor lounge of Malott Hall offered by the Cornell Department of Mathematics. This event is an opportunity for students to get information about the mathematics major and the mathematics minor, as well as the upper-level courses we plan to offer in the spring.


Prelim 1 statistics posted on exam page.


Prelim 1 solutions posted on exam page.


Prelim 1 practice solutions posted on exam page.



Lecture plan and homework assignments have been updated.


Prelim 1 instructions have been posted on the exam page.



For your condideration (not required, but recommended): ENGRG 1112 Practical Matlab, F 1:25- 2:15. A new 1 credit course taught by Prof. A. Ruina aimed at engineering students taking math courses.


There will be discussion sections on Tuesday Aug 22 and Wednesday Aug 23.


Announcements for all sections of Math 1920 will be posted here. Please visit this page regularly.

Please familiarize yourself with the general information on the Info page. Before each lecture we expect you to read the material to be covered as indicated on the Lecture Plan page.

You will be turning in homework in your second (Wednesday/Thursday) discussion section. The first homework is due Aug 30/31!

Office hours and contact information for all professors and TA's will be posted on the Office hours page.

All content posted on the Blackboard page (except for the online gradesheet and materials contributed by TA's) is also accessible via

We have created a page for Math 1920 on the Piazza class discussion system. You can post homework questions there and answer other students' questions. The instructors will also contribute from time to time. At the beginning of classes we will enroll the entire class, upon which you will receive a welcome email inviting you to activate your account. There will be two rules:

  1. We will not answer homework questions by email. Please post them on Piazza or come to office hours.
  2. Don't post solutions to any homework problems.