Math 1220, Fall 2017


Text:  Calculus With Applications, by Lax and Terrell. If you go here from a Cornell account, you should be able to download the .pdf of the text at no cost.

Lecturer: Liat Kessler, 581 Malott Hall.

Teaching Assistant: Peter Uttenthal.

Lectures and Sections: Lecture: Tues & Thurs: 1:25-2:40 in 406 Malott Hall.
                                       Section: Mon 7:30-9:55pm in 532 Malott Hall.

Office Hours: Liat Kessler: Thursdays, 2:45-4:00 pm and Mondays 2:00-2:30 pm in 581 Malott. Note: the office hour on 10/23 moves to 10/25 15:00-15:30.
                        Peter Uttenthal: Thursdays, 7:30-9:30 pm in 218 Malott Hall, and by appointment.

The Schedule and Homework are here.

The Solutions are here.

The Prelim and its solutions are here.

Grading: Prelim 25%; Final Exam 50%; Section/Participation/HW Grade 25%.
                These numbers are approximate. We reserve the right to perturb them slightly.

Assisting Materials are here: August 31-Bolzano-Weierstrass: 2 proofs (updated 9/7), September 5- The axioms of a complete ordered field, September 26-Radius of Convergence Worksheet, Using l'Hospital rule to find the area of a circle.

Extra Reading: How hand calculators calculate, Non-Euclidean Geometry.

Examinations: There will be one prelim and a final exam. Calculators, notes and books are not allowed at the exams.                         

Prelim 1 is on September 21st in class. The material covered is ALL the material covered in the lectures, sections, homework, solutions, and assisting materials, up to (and inclufing) the 9/14 lecture. In particular, the material includes: totally ordered fields, the least upper bound property and its applications, the triangle and the AGM inequalities, sequences and limits, the monotone convergence theorem, Cauchy sequences, functions and continuity, continuity on an interval, extreme and intermediate value theorems, composition, sine and cosine, and the exponential function. Here are several questions from last year's Prelim 1.

The final exam is on Friday December 8, 14:00-16:30.

Makeup Exams: No makeup exams are anticipated. Students with special needs will be accommodated. Contact Liat.

Homework: Homework is due at the beginning of class, according to the schedule. Late homework will not be accepted. Of the approximately 25 HW grades, three will be dropped. Due to constraints on our resources not all problems will be graded; we will not announce in advance which problems will be graded.
Your homework is a document that another person has to read. Never hand in your first draft. The TA is not obliged to grade unreasonably messy or unstapled papers! You are required to use LaTeX for your homework. In the beginning only one problem per assignment needs to be done in LaTeX. By the end of the term your entire assignment must be LaTeXed. OK, if you would prefer to use a different scientific software that looks just as good, convince me it looks that good and you can use it.

LaTeX resources. Here you can find a template of a LaTex file you can use for the homework.

Academic Integrity: Each student in this course is expected to abide by the Cornell University Code of Academic Integrity. In this course, students may work alone or in groups on the homework, but are to turn in all homework individually.

Extra Study: The Math Support Center is located in 256 Malott. The Malott office is open weekdays from 10 to 4:30 and Sundays from 7:30-10pm. On Tuesday and Wednesday 7:30-9:30pm there are walk-in hours in room 3331 at the Tatkon Center in Balch Hall.