Alexander Vladimirsky

Professor of Mathematics
Director of Center for Applied Mathematics

561 Malott Hall
Department of Mathematics
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-4201

Telephone: (607) 255-9871

Member of graduate programs in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Theoretical & Applied Mechanics, Computational Science & Engineering.
Co-organizer (together with David Bindel) of the Scientific Computing and Numerics (SCAN) Seminar.
Co-organizer of the Cornell Mathematical Contest in Modeling.


This Semester:

Math 4250 / CS 4210, Numerical Analysis and Differential Equations, Fall 2017.

Math 3610, (The Art & Science of) Mathematical Modeling, Fall 2017.

Recent Past:

Math 6230, Differential Games, Optimal Control, Front Propogation, and Dynamic Programming, Fall 2016.

Previously taught.

Research Interests

My work so far has been in Numerical Analysis, Non-linear PDEs, and Dynamical Systems.
A brief description of several recent projects can be found here.

What follows is an unsorted list of my other mathematical interests:

* Control Theory & Differential Games * Front Propagation Problems * Anisotropy & Homogenization * Bifurcation Theory * Dimension Reduction * Pareto & multi-modular optimization * Elimination Theory * Computability & Complexity * Approximate & Probabilistic Algorithms * Computational Geometry * Error Analysis


(Note:   ■ bullets are used to mark refereed conference proceedings papers and reviewed/published "extended abstracts".)

An outdated programming resume (from my days as a software consultant).