Topics for Student Presentations

From harelb Tue Apr 16 01:47:28 -0400 1996
To: 112sec11

On Thursday April 25th we will not be having a third Prelim (hooray!)

However we will be having a night of Student Presentations.

Choose groups NOW to present (your presentation should last about 4-5 minutes per group member -- e.g. a 3 person group means 12-15 minutes long presentation) your materials...

TOPICS to choose from (choose one):

** Part of Houdini's Escape

** Part of Tripple Trouble

** The Calculator Puzzler (Activity you'll do this week)

** Save the Perch or Save the Pond

** The Race

** Medical Dosage

** Proving e is irrational (see #36 on page 655)

** How to use Power Series to Solve Differential Equations (see sections 15.8 in your text -- it's the last section but it's not very hard, just lots of notation. Just present the basic idea and do one example).

** The Alternating Harmonic Series converges to (show us what it converges to -- I outlined this in class once, but do it carefully).

** See me if you have an idea for another topic. If you want to read ahead and study vectors I can give you materials to present about airplanes and sailboats as well.

You don't have to do all of a given Activity (let alone Project) but enough to fill out the time period. It's better to present a smaller amount clearly, than to rush through and present more.

Some of these are harder than others. Your credit mileage will similarly vary BUT anyone who works hard and shows it, and shows an understanding of the basic material, and shares it in an interesting way with their classmates (a lot of "and" but hear this) will get at least a 3 our of 5.

Typically students average quite well on these presentations.

Often they are done in entertaining dramatizations or skits, but serious presentations (still done in an interesting fashion) have been done and are perfectly fine.

--> See me if you need help or have questions on any of these. I'll be glad to meet with your group (it's ok to give an individual presentation as well but it should be 4-5 minutes and have real mathematical content at the same time; similarly groups or 2 and 3 are ok. Four is ok but I'd suggest due to our small class size to avoid this unless you take on one of the more challenging topics -- like "e is irrational" or series solutions to D.E.s -- although these can be done by a 3 person group a s

Your Pi in the Sky projects will only be due a FULL WEEK after the Presentations -- Thursday May 2nd -- or later.

However, I hope you have and are working energetically on these. I saw a student of Maria's in office hours today asking her about part (d) or (e) of Pi in the Sky..