MAA Calculus Film Series

We use The Volume of a Solid of Revolution (Chandler Davis, George Leger), which runs 8 minutes, and Volume by Shells (George Leger), which runs about 8 and a half minutes.

These are the third-to-last and second-to-last films on Tape 3, respectively, starting at 0:29:00 and 0:36:55 respectively on that tape.

If there is extra time, the last film on Tape 3, Infinite Acres (Melvin Henriksen) is both thought-provoking for the students, and humorous. Note however that the film was produced several decades ago, and that there a couple of instances of "humor" between the husband and wife, and boss and employee for that matter, that would not be considered so funny today.

Finally, you can put some the tapes on reserve in the library for the students to review before exams and during projects, even suggesting they can view some of the other videos to brush up on other material such as the Definite Integral, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, etc.