Math Club Schedule


Upcoming Events

All events take place in the 5th floor lounge of Malott unless otherwise noted. To see posters from talks in the past, click here. To see the gallery of entries from the 2016 bake-off, click here.


Math Club talk – On Self-Intersection and Rotation of Plane Curves

Monday, October 16th, 4:45pm

Presented by Kabir Kapoor.

The tangent winding number of a smooth closed plane curve is the number of complete rotations that a tangent vector makes as it goes around the curve. We will explore the remarkable relationship between this global invariant and the behavior of self-intersections for curves in the plane.

Puzzle Session

Thursday, October 19th, 6pm

Come join fellow math enthusiasts for puzzles! (The math-y kind not the jigsaw kind). Pizza is provided and everyone is welcome.

Math Undergrad Reception

Monday, October 23rd, 4pm

Interested in math? Want to continue your math education? We can help. Math faculty will be available to talk about spring classes, summer programs, the major, the minor, and more! Meet fellow math students and faculty and discover the many opportunities in math. Snacks will be provided; drop in anytime before 5pm.

Games Session

Thursday, October 26th, 6pm

Come join fellow math enthusiasts for games such as SET, chess, Hanabi, and more! Pizza is provided and everyone is welcome.


Want to give a talk? Contact Anna Brosowsky (ab2422).