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Topology Festival

Save the Date — May 8–10, 2015

We wish to thank the participants for making the 50th Cornell Topology Festival and the Thurston conference a success. Planning is underway for the next Topology Festival. Check back in November for more information.

What's next? The mathematical legacy of Bill Thurston
June 23–27, 2014

Thanks to all who came and helped to make this a memorable event! Bill Thurston made fundamental contributions to topology, geometry, and dynamical systems. But beyond these specific accomplishments he introduced new ways of thinking about and of seeing mathematics that have had a profound influence on the entire mathematical community. He discovered connections between disciplines that led to the creation of entirely new fields. This meeting brought together mathematicians from a broad spectrum of areas to describe recent advances and explore future directions motivated by Thurston’s transformative ideas.

50th Cornell Topology Festival (2012)

Please visit CornellCast for video of the talks. We hope you will also enjoy our photo collection.


The Topology Festival gratefully acknowledges the continuous support of the National Science Foundation since the Festival’s inception. Special thanks to Jarke van Wijk for designing the logo for the 50th in SeifertView (still displayed above). We also thank Acme Klein Bottle, purveyors of “the finest closed, non-orientable, boundary-free manifolds sold anywhere in our three spatial dimensions,” for donating a prize every year for the past twelve years.