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Topology Festival

May 8–10, 2015


You are cordially invited to the 51st Cornell Topology Festival. The program will feature several one-hour talks, much opportunity for conversation, working luncheons, a banquet, a picnic, and a public lecture by Cliff Stoll of Acme Klein Bottles. While a range of topics will be represented, our area of emphasis will be groups acting on negatively curved spaces. The first plenary talk will start at 4:30 p.m. on Friday May 8th and will be followed by the conference banquet. Earlier on Friday, Mladen Bestvina and Koji Fujiwara will each give an introductory talk on the area of emphasis. The Festival will conclude by 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 10th.

For advice on sources of child care and other types of family care during the conference, please e-mail

Please register by April 1 if you are requesting financial support or April 15 otherwise.Young researchers and underrepresented minorities are especially encouraged to apply for financial support. Travel grants will be available to young mathematicians, women and minorities.


There will also be a public lecture by Cliff Stoll of Acme Klein Bottles on May 9th.


The Topology Festival gratefully acknowledges the continuous support of the National Science Foundation since the Festival’s inception. Special thanks to Acme Klein Bottle, purveyors of “the finest closed, non-orientable, boundary-free manifolds sold anywhere in our three spatial dimensions,” for donating a prize every year for many years.