mea pizza

Balazs Elek

PhD student in mathematics

120 Malott Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

I am working with Allen Knutson.


Slides for my talk at the Algebra, Geometry and Combinatorics seminar at UIUC, 2017

Slides for my talk at the 6th Swiss-French Workshop in Algebraic Geometry in Charmey, Switzerland, 2017

Slides for my 2016 Fall Olivetti: The Leech lattice

Notes for the Ithaca High School Senior Seminar 2016 Fall: Reflection Groups

My poster for ALGECOM13 and the Introductory Workshop on Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry at Fields: Pizzas and Kazhdan-Lusztig atlases in dimension 2

Slides for my 2016 Spring Olivetti talk: Pizzas

Notes for my 2015 Fall Olivetti talk: The Springer Resolution

Notes for my 2014 Fall Olivetti talk: Schubert Calculus

Notes for the 2014/Sep/23 lecture in MATH7390: Bott-Samelson varieties

Notes for the Ithaca High School Senior Seminar 2014 Spring: Reflection Groups

Here is my Master's thesis, written at The University of Hong Kong, where my advisor was Prof. Jiang-Hua Lu. If you are curious what this Poisson structure looks like for a word of the top element of the Weyl group of E8 (and who wouldn't be?), here are a couple of Poisson brackets.


Toric surfaces with equivariant Kazhdan-Lusztig atlases

(with Jiang-Hua Lu) On a Poisson structure on Bott-Samelson varieties: computations in coordinates