The Cornell Student Chapter
of the 
Association for Women in Mathematics



The goal of the Cornell Student Chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics is three-fold:



The Cornell Student Chapter was established in 2011 and is supported by Cornell's Department of Mathematics.  Our "parent" organization is the Association for Women in Mathematics.


Please note: men are welcome! The title of our group is the Association FOR Women in Mathematics -- and NOT the Association OF Women in Mathematics. As such, any member of the Cornell community who is "for" women in mathematics will be welcome at all chapter events.

Events and Ideas - Fall 2016

Welcome Tea with Tara Holm Saturday September 19th at Tara Holm's house.
The AWM will be hosting a tea to start out the year at professor Tara Holm's house. This is an opportunity to meet other people who are interested in supporting the AWM and it's goals, and get involved in Cornell AWM events. If you are interested in attending please contact Smaranda Sandu at
Math Study Group Coordination.    
We were hoping to collect lists of people from various math classes who are interested in finding people to study and do homework with. This is a work in progress.

We encourage you to get involved in our chapter either by attending events or by getting involved in running the group as well! We are always looking for new people and are very open to ideas for projects and events. 


Chapter Officers

Smaranda Sandu

Ph.D. Candidate, Mathematics

Lila Greco

Vice President 
Ph.D. Candidate, Mathematics

James Barnes

Ph.D. Candidate, Mathematics

Prof. Tara Holm

Faculty Advisor 
Professor of Mathematics