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Spring 2017 course web pages:

  • Math 3340: Abstract Algebra
  • Math 6320: Algebra
  • Older courses at the bottom of the page.

    Prof. Allen Knutson

    What's on Allen's whiteboard right now?

    My papers at the arXiv, my 1-hour mathematics of juggling lecture on YouTube (or translated into Italian)

    Slides from my AMS talk at Hunter May 2017, on Schubert puzzles, R-matrices, and invariant trilinear forms

    Slides from my talk at JMM 2017, on the cyclic Bruhat decomposition of flag manifolds

    Notes from my talk at the Michigan State AMS conference, 2015, on conormal varieties to Schubert varieties

    Notes from and video of my talk at Andrei Zelevinsky's memorial conference, April 2013.

    Notes from my lecture series at the Osaka 2012 summer school on Schubert calculus

    Notes from my lecture series at the Lisbon 2012 summer school on combinatorics of Schubert polynomials

    Notes from my lecture series, "Schubert calculus and Quantum Information", at the 2009 Fields Institute "Workshop on Quantum Marginals and Density Matrices"

    Notes from my talk at Bert Kostant's 80th birthday conference

    Notes from my AMS plenary address on Schubert calculus and puzzles

    Notes from my AMS-MAA invited address on a stratification of the Grassmannian by juggling patterns

    Fall 2016 course web page: Math 7510: Berstein seminar on Sheaves on Manifolds

    Spring 2016 course: Math 6500: Lie groups

    Fall 2015 course: Math 3210, Manifolds and differential forms

    Spring 2014 course:

  • Math 2240, Linear algebra and multivariable calculus
  • Fall 2014 courses:

  • Math 7690, Schubert varieties and degeneration
  • Math 2230, Linear algebra and multivariable calculus
  • Spring 2013 courses:
  • Math 2220: Multivariable calculus
  • Math 4370: "Applicable algebra", or, Gröbner bases
  • Fall 2012 course:
  • Math 7310: Flag manifolds and symmetric subgroups
  • Spring 2012 courses:
  • Math 2240: integration
  • Math 6500: Lie groups
  • Fall 2011 courses:
  • Math 7670: Algebraic Geometry
  • Math 7610: Seminar in Geometry (only part III) now with notes!
  • Spring 2011 course: Linear Algebra.

    Fall 2010 course: Math 7310: Introduction to geometric representation theory

    Spring 2010 courses:

  • Math 6500: Lie groups
  • Math 7670: Cohomology of sheaves
  • Spring 2009 courses: Math 4370 and Math 7390.

    (Most of) my students and grandstudents, as of 2016:

    Students not pictured: Anna Bertiger, Voula Collins, Andre Henriques, Sergio da Silva, Michelle Snider.
    Grandstudents not pictured: Matthew Arbo, Bruce Fontaine, Bradley Hannigan-Daley, Justin Hilburn, Max Kutler, Stephen Morgan, Daniel Moseley, Daniel Rowe, Alex Weekes.
    Some of them are in this older picture.

    My current students are

  • Balázs Elek
  • Sergio Da Silva
  • Daoji Huang
  • Pak-Hin Li
  • Tair Akhmejanov
  • Thomas Bååth Sjöblom
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