MSC Tutor Schedule

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MSC 256 MalottSorted descending Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
North Campus . Tatkon Center Room 3331 Tatkon Center Room 3331 . . . .
7:30 PM 9:30 PM . Jessie, Weiyu, Shruthi Misha, Philip, Matt M   . . .
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM . . . . . . Dick, Staff
4:00 PM Weiyu, Richard Jessie, Jason Weiyu, Arjun, Harry Weiyu, Jason, Matt M Oliver, Weiyu, Matt F . .
3:30 PM Weiyu, Richard Jason, Sam, Jessie Weiyu, Arjun, Harry Shruthi, Weiyu Jason, Harry Oliver, Weiyu, Matt F . .
3:00 PM Matt F, Oliver, Mac Jason, Sam Misha, Oliver, Matt F,Harry Shruthi, Jason, Harry Oliver, Ashley . .
2:30 PM Matt F, Oliver, Mac Shruthi, Sam, Mac Misha, Oliver, Matt F, Philip, Harry Zoe, Mac, Ashley, Harry Oliver, Philip, Ashley . .
2:00 PM Arjun, Ashley, Mac Shruthi, Sam, Mac Ashley, Sam, Philip,Harry Zoe, Mac, Ashley, Harry Philip, Ashley, Weiyu . .
1:30 PM Arjun, Shuli, Ashley Shruthi, Mac, Sam Shuli, Ashley, Sam, Philip, Harry Zoe, Shuli, Matt M, Harry Philip, Ashley, Weiyu . .
1:00 PM Shuli, Shruthi Zoe, Shruthi Raghav, Shuli, Philip Shuli, Zoe, Matt M Philip, Shuli, Shruthi . .
12:30 PM Jason, Connor Misha, Shruthi Raghav, Shruthi, Jason Shruthi, Matt M Shruthi, Mac, Richard . .
12:00 PM Connor, Jason Misha, Dick, Shruthi Raghav, Jason Dick, Shruthi Mac, Connor, Richard . .
11:30 AM Jason, Connor, Arjun Matt F, Mac Raghav, Jason, Connor Matt F, Mac, Shruthi Arjun, Connor, Richard . .
11:00 AM Arjun, Connor, Richard Zoe, Oliver, Matt F Raghav, Arjun, Connor Zoe, Oliver, Matt F Arjun, Connor . .
10:30 AM Jessie, Arjun, Sam Zoe, Oliver, Arjun Jessie, Arjun, Sam Zoe, Misha, Oliver Jessie, Arjun . .
10:00 AM Jessie, Arjun, Sam Zoe, Oliver, Arjun Jessie, Arjun, Sam Zoe, Misha, Oliver Jessie, Arjun . .

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