Trig Diagnostic Test


Answer the following questions without calculators or trig tables.
Leave answers like or as is.

1. Convert:

a. to radians.

  • Recall that a full circle is:

  • Use the principle of Dimensional Analysis to convert the units:

b. to degrees.

c. to radians.

2. Evaluate:




3. Sketch the graph of

(Make your vertical scale as large as possible.)

4. Given , find

5. Solve the following right triangle:

( i.e. determine missing sides and angles.)




6. Relate to and




7. Express in terms of and of A and B :

-- DickFurnas - 21 Apr 2007
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\begin{math}\displaystyle = \frac{\Pi}{6} radians\end{math}
\begin{math}\displaystyle = \frac{60\Pi}{360} radians\end{math}
\begin{math}\displaystyle 30^{\circ} \dot $\frac{ 2\Pi radians }{ 360^{\circ}$ }\end{math}
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l.27 \begin{math}\displaystyle 30^{\circ} \dot $
                                                \frac{ 2\Pi radians }{ 360^{...

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