Center for Applied Mathematics Colloquium

Rahul RoyIndian Statistical Institute, New Delhi
Two laws of drainage networks: a Brownian web approach

Friday, November 3, 2017 - 3:30pm
Rhodes 655

Two empirically observed laws of river geomorphology are the Hack's law and the Horton-Strahler ordering. Hack's law says that the drainage area of a river network up to a point of its divide is proportional to a power of the length of the river till its divide. Horton-Strahler ordering gives a weightage of the river vis-a-vis its tributaries. We study these laws for a mathematical model of river networks known as the Howard's model. The approach is via the Brownian web, which is realized as the diffusive scaling of Howard's model. (This is a joint work with Kumarjit Saha and Anish Sarkar.)