Dynkin Genealogy (Vinberg's Students)


Erik B. Vinberg
Moscow State University

Ph.D. (1962), Moscow State University
Advisors: E. B. Dynkin & I. I. Pyatetsky-Shapiro (Yale University)

Dr. of Science (1971, 1984), Leningrad State University*


Students of Erik B. Vinberg

  1. D. V. Alekseevsky (Moscow State University, 1967); Dr. (1988) — Hull University (Great Britain) [homepage]
  2. V. Kac (Moscow State University, 1968) — MIT (USA)
  3. B. Weisfeiler (Leningrad Branch of Steklov Mathematical Institute, 1970) — Pennsylvania State University (disappeared 1985 while hiking in Chili)
  4. E. M. Andreev (Moscow State University, 1970)
  5. A. G. Elashvili (Moscow State University, 1971) — Razmadze Mathematical Institute (Tbilisi)
  6. V. L. Popov (Moscow State University, 1972); Dr. (1984) — Steklov Mathematical Institute
  7. O. V. Shvartsman (Moscow State University, 1973) — Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics
  8. B. O. Makarevich (Moscow State University, 1974)
  9. I. K. Zhuk (Math. Institute of Belorussian Acad. Sci., 1979) — died
  10. A. M. Popov (MS, 1981) — University of Peoples' Friendship (Moscow)
  11. S. M. Natanzon (Math. Institute of Siberian Branch of Acad. Sci. USSR, 1982); Dr. (2000) — Belozersky Institute of Physical and Chemical Biology, Moscow State University
  12. A. V. Alekseevskij (Moscow State University, 1983) — Belozersky Institute of Physical and Chemical Biology (MSU)
  13. D. I. Panyushev (Moscow State University, 1983); Dr. (1995) — Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences
  14. L. V. Antonyan (Moscow State University, 1983)
  15. N. D. Beklemishev (Moscow State University, 1984)
  16. P. I. Katsylo (Moscow State University, 1984); Dr. (1993) — Moscow Independent University
  17. M. A. Mikhajlova (Moscow State University, 1986) — Moscow Pedagogical University
  18. E. V. Misyureva (Moscow State University, 1988) — USA
  19. O. V. Bugaenko (Moscow State University, 1989) — Moscow Independent University
  20. O. P. Ruzmanov (Math. Institute of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, 1991)
  21. D. A. Shmelkin (Moscow State University, 1995) — Moscow Independent University
  22. D. A. Timashev (Moscow State University, 1996) — Moscow State University
  23. I. V. Arzhantsev (Moscow State University, 1998) — Moscow State University
  24. E. A. Tevelev (Moscow State University, 1999) — University of Texas at Austin (USA)
  25. V. E. Kordonskij (Moscow State University, 2000)
  26. A. G. Nurmiev (Moscow State University, 2001) — Moscow Technical University
  27. D. D. Pervushin (Moscow State University, 2002) — Boston University (USA)
  28. A. A. Felikson (Moscow State University, 2002)
  29. A. A. Tarasov (Moscow State University, 2003)
  30. P. V. Tumarkin (Moscow State University, 2004)
  31. O. S. Yakimova (Moscow State University, 2004)

*In the USSR (and Russia) all advanced degrees need to be confirmed by a government committee (VAK). For 6 years the decision of the VAK was delayed. Despite the support of distinguished mathematicians in the Soviet Union and abroad a negative decision was made in 1977. The second dissertation (on the same subject) was defended in 1984 and approved by the VAK.