Genealogy Tree of Dynkin's School

Genealogy Tree of Dynkin's School


Arkadi L. Onishchik
Yaroslavl University

Ph.D. (1960), Moscow State University
Advisor: E. B. Dynkin

Dr. of Science (1970), Moscow State University


Ph.D. Students of Arkadi L. Onishchik

  1. D. A.Ponomariov (Moscow State University, 1971)
  2. P. L. Poliakov (Moscow State University,1971) — USA
  3. D. N. Akhiezer (Moscow State University,1973); Dr. (St. Petersburg University,1991) — Institute of Transmission Information Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences
  4. V. V. Gorbatsevich (Moscow State University,1974); Dr.(Steklov Mathematics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences,1983) — Moscow State Technology University
  5. Yu. B. Khakimdjanov (Moscow State University,1974); Dr.(St. Petersburg University, 1991) — Universite d'Haute Alsace, Mulhouse, France
  6. A. K. Tolpygo (Moscow State University,1974) — Kiev
  7. R. O. Nazarian (Kazan University, 1974) — USA
  8. M. S. Towfik (Moscow State University, 1974) — Egypt
  9. A. M. Lukatsky (Moscow State University, 1974) — Institute for Investigations in Energetics Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
  10. Ye. Ya. Vishik (Moscow Region Pedagogical Institute, 1975)
  11. Yu. K. Dziadyk (Institute of Mathematics, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, 1975) — Institute for Cybernetics, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences
  12. Dao Van Tra (Moscow State University, 1977) — Vietnam
  13. A. A. Sukhanov (Moscow State University, 1978) — Moscow State University
  14. M. T. El Baradhi (Moscow State University, 1980) — Egypt
  15. M. V. Borovoi (Steklov Mathematics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Leningrad Branch, 1980
  16. D. A. Leites (Steklov Mathematics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1981) — Stockholm University, Sweden
  17. V. G. Mhitarian (Friendship of Peoples University, Moscow, 1983) — Armenia
  18. A. N. Shchetinin (Kiev University, 1984) — Baumann Technical University, Moscow
  19. H. M. Hosrovian (Tbilisi University, 1985) — Armenia (?)
  20. Yu. Yu. Kochetkov (St. Petersburg University, 1986) — Moscow Institute for Electronics and Mathematics
  21. A. A. Serov (St. Petersburg University, 1988) — Tver University
  22. V. V. Serganova (St. Petersburg University. 1988) — University of California, Berkeley, USA [homepage]
  23. V. A. Bunegina (Yaroslavl Pedagogical Institute, 1992) — UVD Yaroslavl
  24. E. I. Poletaeva (Penn State, 1992) — USA
  25. A. Yu. Brudnyi (Technion, 1995) — University of Calgary, Canada
  26. O. V. Platonova (Yaroslavl Pedagogical Institute,1995) — Baumann Technical University, Moscow