Genealogy Tree of Dynkin's School

Genealogy Tree of Dynkin's School


Mikhail B. Malyutov
Northeastern University

Ph.D. (1967), Moscow State University
Advisor: E. B. Dynkin

Dr. of Science (1983), Moscow State University


Ph.D. Students of Mikhail B. Malyutov

  1. Vladimir Passekov (Moscow State University, 1971) — Computer Center, Russian Academy of sciences
  2. Alexander Korostelev (Moscow State University, 1975); Dr. (Institute of System Analysis, 1988) — Wayne State University, MI [homepage]
  3. Valery Myatlev (Moscow State University, 1977) — Moscow State University (Biology Dept.)
  4. Vladimir Spokoiny (Moscow State University, 1987); Dr. (Humboldt University, 1996) — Humboldt University and K. Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics (Head of Probability and Statistics Branch), Berlin, Germany [homepage]
  5. Alexander Lysyansky (Institute of Mathematics, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, 1979) — Citicorp branch in Denver, CO (senior analyst)
  6. Valeria L. Freidlina (Moscow State University, 1972) — Food and Drug Administration, USA (senior statistician)
  7. Moustapha Luanchi (Moscow State University) — Chair, Mathematics Department, University of Blida, Algiers (formerly); South France (now)
  8. Luis Horna Uaraka (Moscow State University, 1984) — Center for Development of Math. and Science Initiatives, College of Sciences, Escuela Politecnica Nacional, Quito, Ecuador (Director)
  9. Ramon Matos Mareno (Moscow State University, 1987) — Atlantic University, Barranquilla, Columbia (no information about him for 5 last years).
  10. Plamen Mateev (Moscow State University, 1979) — Mathematics and Informatics Institute of BAN, Sofia, Bulgaria (Head of Telecommunications Branch)
  11. I. Tsitovich (Moscow State University, 1978); Dr. (Institute of Transmission Information Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences) — Institute of Transmission Information Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, Department of Telecommunications (Head)
  12. Vladimir Zabelin (Hydro-Meteor. Center, Moscow) — actuary, Toronto, Canada
  13. J. K. Martinez Crespo (Moscow State University,1977) — Professor and Chair, Mathematics Department, Havana University, Cuba (formerly); businessman  in Canada (now)
  14. Hanai Sadaka (Northeastern University, 1997) — moved to the PhD program of Electric Engineering Department, Northeastern University
  15. Shaohui Zhai (Northeastern University, 2000) — Mathematics and Statistics in Safe Shipment International, Inc. (Director)
  16. Oleg Bayborodin (Northeastern University, 2000) — Auto Code, Inc.
  17. Tatiana Korobeinikova (Northeastern University, 2001) — actuary, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Boston
  18. Minggen Lu (Northeastern University, 2002) — moved to the PhD program in BioStatistics, Iowa State University
  19. Rostislav Protassov (Harvard Statistics, 2003) — Citibank, NYC (analyst)