Genealogy Tree of Dynkin's School

Genealogy Tree of Dynkin's School


Eugene B. Dynkin
Cornell University

Ph.D. (1948), Moscow State University
Advisor: A. N. Kolmogorov

Dr. of Science (1951), Moscow State University

A History of Dynkin's School

Ph.D. Students of Eugene B. Dynkin

  1. Luvsantseren (Moscow State University, ~1949) — Mongolia
  2. F. I. Karpelevich (Moscow State University,1956); Dr. (Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1964) — Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers, died in 2000
  3. I. Z. Rozenknop (Moscow State University, ~1956) — Germany
  4. A. V. Skorokhod (Moscow State University, 1956); Dr. (IM, 1962) — Institute of Mathematics, The Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kiev and Michigan State University, East Lansing
  5. A. A. Yushkevich (Moscow State University, 1958); Dr. (1970) — University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  6. I . V. Girsanov (Moscow State University, 1961) — Moscow University; Died in an avalanche in 1967
  7. A. L. Onishchik (Moscow State University, 1960); Dr. (Moscow State University, 1970) — Yaroslavl University
  8. L. V. Seryogin, (Moscow State University, ~1961)
  9. R. Z. Khasminskii (Moscow State University, 1959); Dr. (Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences,1968) — Institute of Transmission Information Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences and Wayne State University, USA
  10. V. A. Volkonskii (Moscow State University, 1960); Dr. — IEPNTP, Russian Academy of Sciences
  11. M. I. Freidlin (Moscow State University, 1962); Dr. (Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1968) — University of Maryland, College Park [homepage]
  12. M. G. Shur (Moscow State University, 1963); Dr. — Moscow Institute for Electronics and Mathematics
  13. A. D. Wentzell (Moscow State University, 1964); Dr. (Moscow State University, 1982) — Tulane University, New Orleans [homepage]
  14. V. N. Tutubalin (Moscow State University, 1962); Dr. — Moscow State University
  15. K. E. Dambis (Moscow State University) — Central Research Institute of Radio Technology, Moscow
  16. E. B. Vinberg (Moscow State University,1962); Dr. (Moscow State University, 1984) — Moscow State University [homepage]
  17. N. V. Krylov (Moscow State University, 1966); Dr. (Moscow State University, 1973) — University of Minnesota, Minneapolis [homepage]
  18. S. A. Molchanov (Moscow State University, 1963); Dr. (Moscow State University, 1982) — University of North Carolina at Charlotte [homepage]
  19. M. B. Malyutov (Moscow State University, 1967); Dr. (Moscow State University, 1983) — Northeastern University, Boston [homepage]
  20. E. Nolde (Moscow State University) — Moscow
  21. S. E. Kuznetsov (Institute of Mathematics, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, 1976); Dr. (Vilnius University, 1983), University of Colorado, Boulder
  22. I. V. Evstigneev (Central Institute for Economics and Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1974); Dr. (Vilnius University, 1988) — University of Manchester, UK, School of Economics
  23. S. M. Natanzon (Math. Institute of Siberian Branch of Acad. Sci. USSR, 1982); Dr. (2000) — Belozersky Institute of Physical and Chemical Biology (Moscow State University)
  24. M. I. Taksar (Cornell University, 1979) — University of Missouri, Columbia
  25. R. Vanderbei (Cornell University,1981) — Princeton University [homepage]
  26. A. Mandelbaum (Cornell University, 1983) — Technion, Haifa, Israel
  27. W.-S. Yang (Cornell University, 1984) — Temple University, Philadelphia
  28. P. Sheppard (Cornell University, 1985) — New York, commercial firm
  29. Y. C. Sheu, (Cornell University, 1993) — National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Obtained their first published results at Dynkin�s seminars
(Not Ph.D. Students of Dynkin)

  1. R. L. Dobrushin (died 1995)
  2. V. A. Uspenskii
  3. N. N. Chentsov (died 1992)
  4. F. A. Berezin (died 1980)
  5. N. D. Vvedenskaya
  6. V. M. Zolotarev
  7. Ya. G. Sinai
  8. A. A. Kirillov
  9. Yu. I. Kifer
  10. S. A. Pirogov
  11. G. A. Margulis
  12. S. M. Gusein-Zade