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New Faculty and Graduate Students 2012-2013

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The Cornell Mathematics Department faculty currently includes 42 tenured and tenure-track faculty, 12 emeritus professors, 5 postdocs, 2 field members from other departments, and 19 senior lecturers, other faculty, and visitors.

Graduate Students  [directory] [office hours]

We currently have 73 graduate students (including visiting and non-degree students) who play an essential role in all aspects of the department: teaching, research, mentoring of undergraduates and community outreach programs.

Recent PhDs

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Department Administration

Department Chair:   Prof. Laurent Saloff-Coste
Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS):   Prof. Lars Wahlbin
Director of Graduate Studies (DGS):   Prof. Reyer Sjamaar
Director of Teaching Assistant Programs:   Dr. Maria Terrell
Administrative Manager:   William Gilligan