As part of Professor Holm's service, she chaired the Committee on Education (CoE) for the last three years.
The Department of Mathematics and the Center for Applied Mathematics congratulate Simon A. Levin for receiving the National Medal of Science.
Fernando Codá Marques Ph.D. (2003) Cornell University has been awarded the 2016 AMS Oswald Veblen Prize.
Professor Steve Strogatz wrote a piece for The New Yorker titled, "Einstein's First Proof."
The AMS is Presenting A Special Session on Geometric Topology to Celebrate Jim West's 70th Birthday
Professors Martin Kassabov and Steven Strogatz have been named 2016 Fellows of the American Mathematical Society (AMS).

Future faculty Alex Townsend, currently at MIT, is the recipient of the 17th IMA Leslie Fox Prize in Numerical Analysis

Assistant professor Lionel Levine has been awarded a five-year CAREER award for his proposal "Halting Problems In Statistical Mechanics."

Assistant professor Nicolas Templier has been awarded a five-year CAREER award for his proposal "Trace formula and geometric analysis of automorphic forms."

Steven Strogatz and Danielle Toupo, Ph.D. candidate in the Center for Applied Mathematics, decided to get to the root of what happens when players switch strategies mid-game.