Transferring Credit from Another Institution

Course Eligibility

The Mathematics Department will approve a course for transfer credit only if it is offered by a mathematics or statistics department and is highly comparable in both content and level to a course offered by the Cornell Mathematics Department for academic credit toward graduation.  (For example, an introductory statistics course will be approved only if it is a satisfactory substitute for MATH 1710.)

Courses are not eligible for transfer credit if any of the following are true:

  • The course is taught in a high school to high school students (even if the college provides a transcript).
  • The course is used to satisfy high school graduation requirements.
  • The course is labeled “college algebra”, “trigonometry”, or “pre-calculus.”

Distance Learning Courses

Policies vary from college to college and major to major. Students are strongly advised to investigate these policies before taking a distance learning course to be sure credit can be applied to the requirement that needs to be satisfied. The Mathematics Department will consider a distance-learning course for transfer credit only if it is taken during the summer or winter break (not overlapping the fall or spring term) or while the student is on leave from Cornell, and the final exam must be proctored on campus by the department running the program, rather than by a proctor agreed upon by the student and the program.

Student Procedure for Requesting Transfer Credit

Submit information about the course using the form below, including at least a detailed course description or outline of topics covered and the textbook used for the course. A faculty member will review your request and contact you with a decision.

If the course is approved:

  • Arts & Sciences and Engineering students: Attach the email approval to a transfer credit form (see table below) and leave it at 310 Malott Hall for signature.  You will be contacted when the form has been signed. Return the signed form to your college office.
  • CALS students: Complete the transfer credit form located in DUST.

Upon completion of the course, arrange for a sealed transcript to be sent to your college registrar.

Transfer Credit Forms, Procedures, and Policies
Student’s CollegeFormsProcedures and Policies
Arts & Sciences Application for Credit
From Other Institutions

Return to: KG17 Klarman Hall
Agriculture & Life Sciences Available in Chatter
Engineering Transfer Credit Form
Return to: 167 Olin Hall

Good Advice

  • Have courses evaluated in advance to avoid wasting time/money on an unsuitable course.
  • Read your college’s transfer credit policy carefully (see table above) before taking the course or applying for transfer credit.  Some colleges place restrictions on the use of transfer credit.
  • MATH 2930 is almost impossible to replace. Very few universities have a course that matches it. Try replacing MATH 2940 instead. The two courses can be taken in either order.

Submit Your Request

Name: (full name, please)
College: (If transferring colleges, select the one you are transferring into.)
Major (anticipated):
Graduation Year:
Cornell course to replace:

Please provide as much information as possible about the course that you plan to take (or have taken). If the course description is only one or two sentences long, please add to the description an outline of the topics to be covered, such as can be found on a course web site or in the course syllabus. It may be necessary to request this information from the university. Do not submit multiple courses for the same requirement. Instead, submit your first choice and wait for a response. Submit your second choice only if your first choice is denied.

Semester: (e.g., Summer 2012)
(Include the course number and title, such as "MATH 151 Calculus for Poets")
Credit hours:
Course description:
Syllabus (URL):
A proper syllabus includes an outline of the topics to be covered in the course, often week-to-week. If such a syllabus is not available on a public web site, please request it from the university and upload it to Google Drive (or similar service) and send a link.
Distance Learning?

If you have a message or additional information for the person reviewing your course, please include it here: