Community Outreach

For more than 25 years, the Cornell Mathematics Department has been engaged in outreach and building solid partnerships with local teachers and schools.  Outreach activities fall into three broad categories:

Contact Person

Dr. Mary Ann Huntley
Director of Mathematics Outreach and K-12 Education Activities
(607) 255-5529

2015-2016 Event Calendar

Events will be added throughout the year, so please check back regularly.

October 3 A Saturday workshop for teachers (MATH 5080): Not All Tasks Are Created Equal (Mary Ann Huntley), Global Projects in Mathematics (Steven Weissburg), Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI): Informal Understanding of Basic Mathematics (Cristina Gomez)
October 24 A Saturday workshop for teachers (MATH 5080): Heron, Newton, Euler, and Barney (William Dunham), Getting Students to Think: The Role of Interactive Graphics (Beverly West), The Mathematics of Pursuit (Richard Rand)
October 31 &
November 7
Fall 2015 Math Explorer’s Club — Proof module
January 30 &
February 6
Spring 2016 Math Explorer's Club — Big Numbers and Infinity module
February 27 A Saturday workshop for teachers (MATH 5080): On Coloring Points and Cutting Cakes (Florian Frick), On Catalan Numbers (Karola Meszaros), Conditional Probability: Puzzles, Paradoxes, and Applications (Daniel Jerison and John Pike)
March 19 & 26 Spring 2016 Math Explorer's Club — Geometry and Topology of Surfaces module.
April 9 A Saturday workshop for teachers (MATH 5080): What is High-School Algebra? (Mary Ann Huntley, Maria Terrell, Jennifer Mayer), Trig with a Twist (Jodelle Magner)
April 29 Mathematics Awareness Month public lecture — In keeping with this year’s theme, The Future of Prediction, a public lecture will be held to celebrate Math Awareness Month.
May 22 2016 Ithaca High School Senior Seminar student research presentations - RSVP needed by May 18th

Volunteers Sought for Mathematics Outreach Opportunities

This semester there are numerous mathematics outreach opportunities for Cornell faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students to become involved in. For information and to indicate your interest and availability, please go to Completing a questionnaire at this site indicates your interest in volunteering but in no way obligates you.