MATH 5080: Special Study for Teachers (aka "Saturday Workshops for Teachers")

Since 1985, during each academic year the Cornell Mathematics Department has offered a series of four full-day workshops for secondary mathematics teachers.  Other people who are interested in issues related to the teaching and learning of secondary mathematics (e.g., mathematics pre-service teachers, mathematics undergraduate and graduate students, and mathematicians) are also welcome to attend.  During workshop sessions participants examine principles underlying the content of the secondary school mathematics curriculum, including connections with the history of mathematics, technology, and mathematics education research.  Contact the instructor, Mary Ann Huntley, for more information.

Workshop Schedule and Topics

Participation at one workshop is not prerequisite to attending another.

  • September 23, 2017 (agenda) - Cutting, Pasting, and the Difficulties of Counting (Inna Zakharevich), The Decimal System and Other Ways to Represent Numbers (Julia Gordon), The Mathematics of Queueing Theory (Jamol Pender), Beware of the Bombardier Beetle (Richard Rand)
  • November 11, 2017 (agenda) - Tablecloth Math (Beverly West), TI Tips for Building Math Confidence and Regents Success (Dana Morse)
  • Two workshops will offered in the spring term.

Please sign up by November 2nd if you wish to attend the November 11th workshop.

Registration, Credit, and Costs

There are two options for receiving credit for MATH 5080:

  1. Teachers may receive 1 Cornell University graduate credit for attending 3 of the 4 workshops offered during an academic year by filling out an enrollment form and paying a $100 registration fee. Send your check and completed enrollment form directly to the Office of Continuing Education (B20 Day Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853-4201).
  2. Teachers qualify for 5½ in-service hours per workshop.  For this option, there is no cost for attending the workshops.

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Please tell us if you're coming!

The registration deadline for the November 11th workshop is November 2nd. The following information is required:

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